I visited the company Viome in Mountainview last week, and after reviewing my results with their team, I have to say this company by far has the best microbiome test on the market. Here are 6 reasons why you should try Viome.

1) They don’t just look at bacteria, they look at ALL of the living microorganisms in your gut!

Most microbiome sequencing tests only look at the genes from restricted to bacteria. But, Viome sequences RNA from all organisms–including viruses, bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites and human (more on that later).  

By sequencing all of the RNA in your stool you end up getting,   “A higher resolution view of your gut microbiome than has ever been available before.”

No single test I have ever encountered does this. It puts Ubiome and all of the other microbiome labs I use to shame. 

2) They have taken what typically costs thousands of dollars in lab testing to determine your optimal diet and got it down to a few hundred.

A lot of what they told me to do were things that I had figured out on my own but at the same time — the cost of how I figured these out (using a handful of expensive labs) was far more expensive than the cost of their test. So, I wish I had done this test sooner.

Viome costs $399 for one round of testing and access to the portal for a year (about the same cost as a clinical comprehensive digestive stool assessment from Genova Diagnostics or Doctors Data). But, given how much they are looking at this price is insanely low.

3) They can tell you which foods you should or should not eat and how much.

Their naturopath in residence told me that,

One of their main goals is to shed some light on why people should be focused on personalizing their diets with their unique physiological data rather than following fads and trends.

For example, they told me to limit my fat intake which is something I had not been doing all summer. I had been experimenting with the low carb (occasionally ketogenic) bandwagon, which after a couple months had me feeling positively awful. Eating more carbs (in the form of more fruit and starchy vegetables) helped me regain my energy and my brain function improved.

They gave me some specific proteins I should consume and which ones I shouldn’t. I eat a lot of salmon and they told me to minimize it. They confirmed my suspicion of what meats were best for me and which ones I should avoid. Before I had been moving towards eating more wild game and bison, but it was nice to see this backed up by their recommendations.

They also confirmed that I should probably avoid lectins — something I had discovered this summer before doing the test.For example, another lab I performed (Cyrex Labs) told me I should limit coffee, which I had been doing for the last month.

4) They can show you what happens to your gut after a round of antibiotics.

I had picked up a parasite in Bali and had to take antibiotics for the first time in many years. This test was fascinating. It showed me that most of the probiotic strains I was taking were not actually making it to my gut so I am switching brands.

It also showed me that there was a high level of human RNA in my gut. This is likely due to the shedding of the mucosal layer after an insult (e.g. antibiotics and infection). I now know that high human RNA is associated with higher inflammation. So it’s not only a test for organisms but it is a test for leaky gut. After learning this I extended my gut healing regimen.  

5) They give you a glucose tolerance test.

This is not my favorite part of their testing but it does help you identify how sensitive you are to a standard 40 g dose of sugar. This information is used to help guide your portions, your meal timing, and other recommendations.

6) They shed light on your microVIROME.

This is the viral ecology of your gut. This test showed me that I have ZERO viruses in my gut, which made me super happy. This it was something I was very curious about. No one talks about the microvirome, but it viral exposures over time matter. We will someday realize that the microbial burden over time plays a role in the aging process. 

I believe that in the future, describing diseases by communicable (infectious) and non-communicable (lifestyle related) will be irrelevant.

By feeding ourselves with high quality, whole, natural foods (mostly plants), simply prepared, and locally grown we can avoid many of the chronic disease plaguing modern humans. Using good quality labs like Viome, we can find our unique path to optimal health.

You don’t need a prescription to order this. They put the power of your health in your hands. Bravo! More companies should empower individuals to have control of their health data.


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