Dr. Molly’s mission is to radically extend healthspanthe number of years free from disease or disability—and maximize human potential by promoting wellness lifestyles that generate optimal health. She is a lecturer within the Wellness Department of the Medical School at Stanford University where she created a course entitled, “Live Better Longer: Extending Healthspan to Lengthen Lifespan.” 

Shaping the future of healthcare in her pioneering Silicon Valley medical practice and work with leading companies, Dr. Molly Maloof is on the frontier of personalized medicine, medical technology, health optimization, and scientifically-based wellness endeavors. Since 2012, she has also worked as an advisor or consultant to more than 40 companies in the digital health, consumer health, and biotechnology industries needing help with clinical strategy, product development, clinical research and scientific marketing. Dr. Molly has also given her expert opinion on nutrition & human performance to companies including Mars, Bayer, GSK, Nature Made, Quaker, RedBull, SomaWater, & Thistle with a goal of food system transformation through improving corporate products. She has spoken at Dreamforce, Wired Health, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations, DLD, and many other high profile conferences. 

In her concierge practice, Dr. Molly provides health optimization and personalized medicine to high achieving entrepreneurs, investors, and technology executives in San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, as well as, award winning Hollywood actors and musicians. Unveiling the future of patient care with actionable insights on adopting the latest practices in personalized medicine, Dr. Molly challenges healthcare practitioners as well as industry influencers to re-think health and healthcare in order to reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, and improve the human condition. 


The three M’s in the logo stand for Molly Maloof MD. The triangle has been used deep symbolism throughout history. The Greeks saw a triangle as a symbol of a doorway and a delta symbol for change. It can represent transformation towards the highest points of human potential—self-actualization and ego transcendence. When pointed upward it represents rising up and achieving dreams and ambitions. It shows us how working together can unite people. It is connected to the number three, representing love-truth-wisdom, body-mind-spirit connection, past-present-future, waxing-waning-full phases of the moon, and creation-preservation-destruction. The arms of the triangle expand out, which represents Dr. Molly’s mission of extending health span and human potential. 

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