We will uphold the true definition of health: “The ability to adapt and self-manage, in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges.” We strive to offer life experienced in optimal human function – filled with goodness, generativity, growth, and resilience. We aims to encourage followers to fill their bodies with food and substances that cultivate health and nourish the universe within us.


We believe that the more autonomy we maintain over our physical bodies, the better prepared we are to face the choices that affect our health outcomes. We believe that with more control over how we spend our time and energy comes greater satisfaction in all of our relationships and activities. We value independent thought and believe disciplined actions lead to greater freedom.


Community membership that provides us with a sense of belonging and social inclusion is vital to our wellbeing. Loving supportive personal relationships promote greater happiness than fame, fortune, or material things. Togetherness gives us the opportunity to cooperate, to create solutions for shared problems and to contribute to things greater than ourselves.


We want visitors to leave this site with a sense of wellbeing – calm, energized, motivated, and affirmed. We want to galvanize action that improves health and quality of existence. Because inspiration is powerful, but can be ephemeral, we also want readers to see this site as a home base they can return to whenever they need a motivational boost.


To be a humanist is to choose rationalism and empiricism over dogma or superstition. Transhumanism is the belief that we can transcend the limitations of the human condition through careful application of those principles – developing and implementing technologies to enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Rather than defaulting to adequate wellness, we can deliberately maximize health outcomes through positive behaviors and judicious adoption of technology.


We believe truth emerges from experimentation and observation of nature and the cosmic order. We engage with first principles thinking, integrating research with applied knowledge in our search for authentic and accurate answers, and then presenting only the most rigorously verifiable solutions to problems.

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