For business inquiries, please send a brief email to Dr. Molly at ( with a clear agenda. To schedule time to speak with Dr. Molly please use this link:

If you are a new health optimization client looking to schedule time with Dr. Molly Maloof, she always suggests a Discovery Session first. You can schedule and pay for the session with the link: to the call, you must email her ( your answers to the following Discovery Session Questions:

1) Tell me about your health and why you would like to work together? 

2) Tell me about your family’s health?

3) What are your top 3 health fears? 

4) What treatments have you tried before?

5) What kind of changes are you willing to try?

– taking a supplement daily?

– exercising daily?

– changing your diet?

– modifying your lifestyle (sleep, work, etc)?

– implementing mindfulness practice?

– have periodic labs to track your progress?

– practice a relaxation technique?

– educate yourself on your condition?

– taking medication? 

6) Over the past year, you think your health is getting better or worse or has stayed the same?

7) How old are you? 

8) What is your height?

9) What is your weight?

10) What functional labs have you had done over the last two years (feel free to send them to me)?

11) Tell me about your sleep patterns and quality? 

12) Tell me about your current diet? What did you eat today and yesterday?

13) Tell me about your current exercise regimen?

14) Tell me about your mindfulness practices?

15) Tell me about any trauma healing work you have pursued.

16) Tell me if you have experienced and adverse childhood experiences?

17) Tell me about your relationship to your family and community?

18) Tell me about your current stress levels and causes of stress? 

19) Tell me about your current employment and source of income?

20) Tell me about your digestive or gut health?

Outcomes expected: You will answer the above questions and Dr. Molly will review your history and give you specific insights about your health and how to proceed with work together.  

Important note: Dr. Molly Maloof will begin the hour reviewing all of your paperwork and any other information you send her (e.g. labs). She will call you at the number you provide after she has complete her review and is ready to speak to you. This usually takes no longer than 10 – 15 minutes depending on how much information you share. 

Security notice: Dr. Molly requires you to download the google chrome secure email plugin Virtru. If you email her personal health information she will not be held liable for your information sent without proper encryption. You can lookup Virtru in the google chrome webstore or through their website.    

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