PODCAST: Sexual Trauma, Psychedelics, and Consciousness

I met with Lauren and Renee, the Biohacker Babes, and chatted with them on the importance of working through trauma and controlling your perception of stress, as well as the major epidemic not enough people are talking about in 2021.

Here is a blurb from our conversation:

Understanding your core wound, is extremely important for understanding your psychology around how you behave in terms of your health behaviors. We make decisions subconsciously all the time that we don’t think about. If you think about all the people that make these unconscious eating decisions because they are stressed out and they just start grabbing food to satiate their discomfort and who they are. So few people actually look under the surface and ask themselves, “why am I grabbing that?”

To get healthy, you have to raise your consciousness, you really need to think about your body, mind and spirit – not just your biology.