• or free with the purchase of my online course, Your Healthspan Journey Improve your health and resilience with my comprehensive heart rate variability (HRV) optimization protocol. HRV measures the time between heartbeats and how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after it increases. This protocol includes a variety of interventions and exercises to help you improve your HRV, increase energy for repair and restoration, and address chronic stress. By improving your autonomic control, you'll become more resilient to stress and have better mental and physical health. Don't wait, start improving your HRV and boosting your overall health today!
  • Price: $29.99 or free with the purchase of my online course, Your Healthspan Journey
    Detailed explanation of my elimination diet protocol, expanded food lists, portion sizing, cooking instructions, and basic easy recipes for smoothies, salads, snacks, and my favorite cold green soup.
    I recommend an elimination diet at least once for every patient, regardless of their health status. It’s the gold-standard diagnostic test for identifying the most common food intolerances, like eggs, soy, dairy, wheat, nuts, beans, and legumes, and it’s just one more tool for helping you determine the right diet for your body, your genetics, your needs, and your lifestyle. An elimination diet helps you create a baseline for your nutrition. After that baseline, you can go on to tweak and hack your diet further, in terms of blood sugar, metabolic flexibility, and microbiome health.
    For a simplified elimination diet program, you can try Whole30 or the autoimmune Paleo diet (as described in the book The Wahls Protocol).


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