We tend to think of being well as simply not being sick but for medical doctor and scientific wellness pioneer Molly Maloof this is too simplistic an approach. She sees illness and wellness not as opposites but as states that can, and often do, coexist.

“Wellness is not just about physical well-being, it’s about the mind, body and spirit. A person can be not sick but not well, or conversely, both sick and well. For example, someone can have a chronic incurable disease but be well because they are surrounded by a loving family and community and have purpose in life.”

Or a more common concern for many of Dr Molly’s clients is being both physically healthy but not “optimally well”. Since 2012, she has worked with numerous entrepreneurs, investors, and executives in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, helping high achieving professionals who are not content with the “neutral or slightly poor state of health” that most people settle for. She helps them “optimize their health and wellness” using treatments that range from dietary changes and exercise to improving sleep hygiene and cultivating hobbies. But unlike the average wellness practitioner, Dr Molly’s methodology relies on a rigorous, evidence-based and data-driven approach, hence why she terms what she does as “scientific wellness”.

“I use my medical expertise in laboratory testing interpretation and combine this with knowledge of genomics to help patients identify areas for optimizing their health.”

Everything from an individual’s family health history to their tested micronutrient levels, metabolomics and personal biochemistry is considered by Dr Molly, but she believes the key to a successful outcome is also reliant on understanding what the patient wants to achieve.

“I’ll help my patients clearly identify their goals, problems, and areas they would like to improve. Then, working with my client, we come up with a plan of action together. This gives them the best chance of achieving lasting lifestyle changes.”

And, as you might expect from someone who has worked for and with companies at the cutting edge of medical innovation, Dr Molly’s recommendations are often quite high tech.

“Wearable devices that continuously monitor glucose levels and heart rate variability or provide real-time biofeedback are very useful. But the most ground-breaking technological advancement has been the ability to develop highly personalized medicines and treatments. Based on my client’s laboratory data, I can create custom nutrition and exercise guidelines and recommend personalized supplements.”

But in conjunction with diet, vitamins and medication, Dr Molly also prescribes lifestyle adjustments including tactics to “increase mindfulness, manage energy and enhance productivity.”

“Overall, my approach to wellness is informed by my medical and scientific background, but it is not just about physical well-being, it’s about creating higher states of health for mind, body and spirit.”

Dr Molly Maloof is one of the team of Chōsen experts who have helped design a week-long holiday program of fitness, adventure and nutrition based on medical science.

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This post was from an original interviewed by Chōsen Experiences — the premier wellness travel company that I work with. I thought you might enjoy so I’m reposting it here for your viewing pleasure!